Referal System for all!

You know someone, who wants to sell his Real Estate? Or someone who needs a craftsman?

Every Tip will bring you money! 

Secure 15% of broker commission

TipToB  Tippgeber-System

Become a tipster

Use the TipToB network to increase your budget. Do you know an owner who wants to sell or renovate a property? Then contact TipToB! We provide your customer with the right broker or tradesman within our network.

How does the tipster

system work?

After you submit your tip, the seller will be contacted by one of our account managers to validate the property information. We then find a suitable broker from our network who takes care of the property valuation and sale.

Will I be notified about the sale?

We will be in touch with you regularly as the sale progresses. Of course, you will receive the commission you are entitled to quickly and without being asked after the sale.

your benefits

Benefit from a sales share in our commission if the sale is successful.
The mediation takes place only to high-performance brokers from our network. This is how we ensure that your customer is well looked after.
TipToB takes over the complete administrative processing and receivables management.
You also earn money from tipsters in your network.

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Do you have questions?


How mutch can I earn?

For Example: Real Estate sales price 500.000,-€ .

Averidge Commision Percentage

4% =20.000,-€

 For your Tip you will get = 3000,-€

Your friend also wants to recommend? You earn with us!

Your friend can also make a recommendation. He gets the full 15% of the broker's commission and you get an additional 1%.

More Questions?

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